Fiction 12’30

Le Tonneau des Danaïdes

In the desert, a man is buried to his neck in the sand. One ignores the reason for his presence there. A woman, naked under red veils, walks away without paying any attention to him. After getting out of his sand cradle, he will head for the horizon to meet this woman. This is where his quest begins. A quest to desire.

Writing & Directing


Production & Distribution



Benoît RABILLÉ, Sandrine POTTIER, Claire-Estelle MURPHY

4 awards & 44 festival selections
Mostra De Curtas Vila Da Noia (SPAIN)

Best International Short Film


Public Award

Festival de Cabestany (FRANCE)

Creapolis award

Ljubljana International Short Film Festival (SLOVENIA)

Audience Mention

Washington D.C Independant Film Festival (USA)

Official selection

Shanghaï International Film Festival (CHINA)

Official selection

Transylvania International Film festival (RUMANIA)

Official selection

World Film Festival of Bangkok (THAILAND)

Official selection

Festival du Court-Métrage Méditerranéen de Tanger (MAROCCO)

Official selection

VCU French Film Festival (USA)

Official selection

Cinefest — International Festival of Young Filmmakers (HUNGARY)

Official selection

Festival Européen du film fantastique de Strasbourg (FRANCE)

Official selection